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1 September 2001 -- Soundtrack played by Kenny Davidsen, Brian Wayne and John Kessel with members of the original cast in production, recorded and produced by Alex Abrash and David Baker, mixed on 4 May 2002.
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1997 Photos Below!
On a Strange Folk Sunday -- Bastille Day, 1996 --  at Lach's Fort at The SideWalk Bar-Restaurant in the East Village of NYC, Peter Dizozza and Lisa Dery introduced "Prepare to Meet Your Maker,"
a heavenly musical that consists of 9 dances and 12 songs, in which Quasimodo and Cementeria, a gravedigger and a corpse, revitalize and invigorate each other through the miracle of interpersonal contact. 

Audiences witness the transformation of the two at their first meeting, the loss at their separation, and watch in satisfaction as they reunite to re-enact the resurrection passion play of Isis & Osiris, all in furtherance of their ultimate goal, a comfortable home within the exclusive, pearly gated community of the Ordered World.

On July 13, 1997, Prepare to Meet Your Maker returned to SideWalk to celebrate its eighth performance.

 The following photos of the show are by Fort photographer Bob Strain. The performers include Peter Dizozza, Erika Bell, Jamie Cosnowsky, Charles Herold, Kerrigan Webb and Debra Wakefield.

Charles as Quasimodo In the performance at 22 Below Cabaret the role of Quasimodo was played by Charles Herold.—

Quasimodo and Matilda

—After necropheliac bashers banish Quasimodo (originally played by Peter) from the Ordered World, he enlists Mathilda to help him find Cementeria.

Quasimodo and Ocipita Quasimodo
  Quasimodo sings, "I was an old decrepit man
Whom she helped to realize
That hers is the keyhole
To youth regained.
As long as we keep loving
Each other we'll be well!
So too will all be well with the world."

NEW PHOTOS by BOB STRAIN from the Eighth Performance featuring Erika Belle, Lisa Dery, Peter Dizozza, Dan Emery, Steve Espinola, Charles Herold, Andrew Uhlenhopp, Tyr Throne & Debra Wakefield -- with LITTLE OSCAR on percussion:

1. "And then will you ...."
"I won't baptize you that way, young lady."
"As long as we keep . . ."
"87, do I hear 87. 87? 86? 86! Sold for $86,000 to the lady from the Wee Care Nail Salon."
"Hang my head and fly to the lord!"
Ocipita meets Mathilda.
7.Isis to Osiris:
"Stay still. If I keep prodding there you'll grow your own."
"Thank you, Lisa Dery, for playing Cementeria."

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We revived PTMYM for the Williamsburg Art and Historic Center's Apocalypse '99 Exhibition.  -- The 1999 Revival.

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