The Painting by Terrance Lindall, July 2002

Poster painting by Terrance Lindall

Soundtrack Recordings of

Prepare to Meet Your Maker

The surrealist musical mystery play by Peter Dizozza

Performed by The Porter’s Union, (Kenny Davidsen, John Kessel, Brian Wayne Warschum)

with Tony Hightower, Meghan Elizabeth Burns and Members of the Original Casts

 Alex Abrash & David Baker

Cinema VII in association with The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center



Prepare to Meet Your Maker


Concept, Book, Music and Lyrics by Peter Dizozza

Directed and Choreographed by Tyr Throne

Musical Director:  Kenny Davidsen


With The Porter’s Union

Kenny Davidsen Piano, Keyboard & Voice

John Kessel Guitar, Bass & Voice

Brian Wayne (Wurshum) Percussion & Voyce



Tony Hightower – Lead Voice, Chorus

Meghan Elizabeth Burns – Lead Voice, Chorus


Linda Kobylinski – Lead Voice, Chorus

Lauren Barret Porter – Lead Voice, Chorus

Laurel Hoffman – Lead Voyce, Chorus


Kimberly Mossel -- Chorus

Erika Belle -- Chorus

Peter Dizozza – Chorus, keyboard


Amy-Jo Mikiel – Voice Over

Diana Dunphy – Voice Over

Drew Blood – Voice Over


 1.  Dance of the Seven Veils

 2.  Cementeria (Be Well with the World)

 3.  Castle Waltz

 4.  Mountain Casino (The Overlord of the Ordered World)

 5.  Hang My Head

 6.  Castle Waltz Reprise

 7.  Think Big

 8.  Two Lovers on Tomorrow’s Road

 9.  Meet Your Makers

10.  Model

11.  The Cage is Chilly

12.  The Cage is Chilly Reprise

13.  So Put Me Away

14.  Strong for the Man

15.  Strong Dialogue

16.  Strong Reprise

17.  Welcome to Alexandria

18.  Set’s Song (Calling to You)

19.  Isis

20.  Peace Which Passeth

21.  Burn in the Inferno (Creamatoria)

22.  Burn in the Inferno End Line

23.  Peace Which Passeth/Wish a Word

These recordings are based upon the revival mounted for the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center’s Apocalypse ’99 Exhibition, Yuko Nii, founder & Artistic Director, Terrence Lindell, President, further developed at Baby Jupiter and The Manhattan Theatre Source.

This project originated on a Strange Folk Sunday at Lach’s Fort at SideWalk on July 14, 1996 and developed at Corinne Colon’s Culinary Loft, the Looking Glass Theatre, 22 Below, La MaMa E.T.C.’s La Galleria and at the Throne Dance Theatre. 

Additional Script & Score Credits:


Troy Acree: Creative Consultant

Colette Bryce: Creative Consultant

Kenny Davidsen/John Kessel/Brian Wayne:  Band Arrangements

Lisa Dery: co-lyricist “Think Big”/Creative Consultant

Dan Emery:  co-composer “Calling to You”

Tyr Throne: Director/Creative Consultant

Recorded at Alan Selby’s Electric Lady Studio A, and recorded and mixed at Alex Abrash’s Burns Street Studios, by Alex Abrash, David Baker and Peter Dizozza

Thank you, other cast & band members, Linus Gelber, Lisa Shred (Sredniawski), Christopher West, Alison Byers, Zane Campbell, Jamie Cosnowsky, Steve Espinola, Maki Fujita, Charles Herold, Beth Sacks, Debra Wakefield, Kerrigan Webb, Andrew Uhlenhopp, Chris Chalfant, Chris West, Sam Ferrel, Mami Kimura, Andre Johnson, Little Oscar, Dan Killian, Mayuko Minami, Rhiannon Erbach, RonnieJane Gannascoli.

Mediterranean painting by Faith Palmer-Persen.  Original prop designs by Mark Napier.  Original Production Photographer Robert Strain.  Videotape of the Baby Jupiter Stage Production by Debra Wakefield with Mike Perrazetti

. Their trail upward is marked by the crosses of the 10 thousand martyrs recently crucified there. All the bodies are to rise and join their souls in a corporal paradise.  Horrific.  Cremation puts a stop to this resurrection nonsense.Their reign is harmonious, troubled only by the occasional exchange of commentary.There we apply for jobs as Isis and Osiris.

A Cinema VII Production, June 2002

From an email:  The CD includes the 13 songs and some incidental music with dialogue. We're working on packaging that will fold out like the opening of Pearly Gates (some of the musical takes place within a pearly gated community where the guard at the door asks, have you been to the baptist?). The songs are progressive folk rock, though the 13 songs run between 2 and 4 minutes each and I think of prog rock as more sprawling. They have an element of pop rock in that the songs are memorable; they are, to coin a phrase, loony pop. The musical material is varied. Toward the middle the score has a Bacharach inspired section, particularly "Two Lovers on Tomorrow's Road" and the title track, "Meet Your Makers." The CD fits under a header, "general/outrageous entertainment," as there is to be found outrage as well as redemption in the material's content.

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