Early Cinema VII films were made between 1969-1981.   

Also, from 1973, see "Lords of Flatbush" page.

and Lightningbolt (an adventure in film editing) (1972)


A Day with Joey (1967) prepared version

After the Crash (1969) - with narration - without

Angels: Tour of the Vultures (1977) Prepared "Is That All There Is to Life" transfer with Dealing with My Friends

The Ruins (1969) -- Earthquake Productions (Dizozza/DiMaio) 

Short Subjects Three (includes Sadder Yesterday and 44 Caliber Killer)


Oh!  I Can't Decide.  (1978) Youtube Link (Filosa/Lindsay/Dizozza)

The Jewish Wife - 16mm silent (1980) Super 8mm Magnetic Sound Film Transfer

If I Had a Hammer (Filosa/Lindsay/Lontos) Youtube Link

Sadder Yesterday (1977) Youtube Link of film with a recording of the song with the same title


Bye Bye Birdie


Free Psychiatry (1979) Youtube Link Film Outtakes Version

Near Involvement (a close call for all concerned) (1979)

Sweeney Among the Nightingales  (1979)

Best of Intentions (from The Augusteia) (1979) Youtube Link


After the Killing

Kingdom by The Sea  (1981) Youtube Link

Who Is It Who (1981)

Monkey Doodle Do


RECENTLY PREPARED FILM - from digital transfers of Helge Bernhardt

Backyard Party (1965) (8mm film)

Banana Boat Pleasure Cruise - 1928 (16mm film)

Living in Freedom (FREEDOMLAND) (8mm film)

The Days After A Day with Joey, from the Isle to the alley. (8mm film)

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs - First day at school/communion (8mm film)

Wonderful World's Fair (The 1964 Flushing Meadow Fair, Queens, New York) (8mm film)


In 2001 Cinema VII released a film sketch of the musical play, The Last Dodo.  (Adjusted aspect ratio version)

In 2007 Cinema VII released Good News -- Maria Micheles and Peter Diizozza.

In 2008 Cinema VII released Coney Island Memories with Maria Micheles and Peter Dizozza.

2009 A Question of Solitude 


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