The Moldy Peaches Band, each a unique and creative songwriter/performer.


(Steven Mertens, Jack Dishel, Kimya Dawson, Toby Goodshank, Adam Green & Strictly Beats)

From Antimatters, regarding the MP founders:  

When they are not downloading porn with Davo, the Kimya and Adam of Moldy Peaches continue to spurn their legend, floating from bar to bar in an endless effort to remain anonymous, yet their talent and wit regularly expose them. Choosing only the simplest of evening wear, they continue their dangerous game of hide and seek with top officials from the Bar-Nun Day Care Center where they, student and teacher, escaped some 36 months prior.

Day care is an important consideration, especially for working parents, and if you’ve ever attempted to solicit the services of a good nanny from the streets of Hoboken you know how preferable to it is a communal circle establishment like the one that fostered Kimya and Adam. And you call yourself parents? This has been a public service announcement.

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