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Blade Field 

Castle Waltz

Circular Reasoning

Colonial Willamsburg
Convertible Intro

Curtain Waltz

Dance of the Seven Veils
Dancer (Lyric by Tony Evangelista)


Fall Asleep

Fhatari 1 & 2


Hesitations, Threats & Sighs

Intro: Sweeney Among the Nightingales

Nocturne: The Marriage at the Statue of Liberty YOUTUBE

Paradise Lost Themes

Peace Which Passeth
Prelude #1 (diminishing intervals) 

Prelude #6

Private Land (Wacky Version)

Purely Incidental

Rumors of Justice Themes

Sea Heiress Themes

Shipping the Satellite Themes

Suicide Sonata YOUTUBE

TentagatneT Themes

The 10th Melologue




A Bird in the Works   -- 311385114

A Day 

A Deafening Silence (Lyric by Denise Cogan)

A Good Shot (Hold that Pose!)

A Horse at Sea

A Killing on Broadway YOU TUBE (Greek Cultural Center) YOU TUBE (Neighborhood Playhouse)

A Letter/A Sweater (Lyric by Lauren Wolpert)

A Nickel, A Dollar ("My True Love Took a Dollar") (Lyric by Neil Ericksen) YOUTUBE

Absotively Posilutley (Lyric by Owen Kalt) -- 311542819 

Absurd This Twitch (Poem by Jeffrey Marino)

Afraid of Presents (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes) -- 311639331

Almond Eyes -- 311385098

Along the Highway

Amy Sends Me Out There

Ashes! (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes)


Back to the Womb -- 321333777

Balthazar (music with Steve Espinola) from Bulb YOUTUBE

Beach Ball Babies


Been So Long (introduces "The Trial" by Bruce Jay Friedman) -- 321747375 YOUTUBE

Before Mary Ellen's Reply

Believe in Love (Lyric by Jim Vogel)

Believe It So

Better for Your Love YOUTUBE

Birthday Baby  



Bride of X-Man ("And now you are my bride/Diana is my Bride!") YOUTUBE

Burn in the Inferno

Bury Your Sword (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes for Androcles)  YOUTUBE

But Not Forgotten YOUTUBE

Cacodylic Eye YOUTUBE

Can't Get Enough

Can't Say No To (Lyric by Earl Wilson Jr.)

Cape Cod Bay (introduces "Rumors of Justice" by Myron D. Cohen) -- 331898710 YOUTUBE (Lydia Ooghe), YOUTUBE (Laura Brennerman)

Captain (Who is in charge here?) from FLOAT

Cardboard Windows (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)

'Cause I Love You (Lyric by Roy Katz/Music written with Roy Katz)

Cementeria (Well with the World) YOUTUBE Soundtrack YOUTUBE performance

Chance Encounter

Chimney Flu/Heigh Ho -- 332541576 -- 502061852

Come On, Let's Go/He Took Something Away From Me
Come Out

Common Pool YOUBUTE

Corner of Your Life (Lyric by Tony Evangelista)

Cow City Theme Song -- YOUTUBE

Creeping Things (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes)

Crime Wave -- 332045595

Crooked Straight  -- 331833495 YOUTUBE

Crowded Avenue  

Crows at the Window Sing (introduces "The New Bit" by Bruce Jay Friedman) -- 332045611

Cul-de-sac -- 331833477 YOUTUBE

Dancing for Your Love, from Float YOUTUBE

Dealing With My Friends * YOUTUBE (ATV Assembly)

Dress Down (Lyric by Heather Doughty)

Do You Remember? (Lyric by Jon Resnik)  

Donna's Engine's Always Running  -- 341610831

Don't You Ever Go YOUTUBE

Down By the Salley Gardens (Poem by William Butler Yeats) -- 341610813 YOUTUBE

Epic Love Song

Eleven (for "Sardines," by Bruce Jay Friedman) -- 352206712 YOUTUBE

Everybody Loves My Man (Lyric by Richard Vetere) YOUTUBE

Fay 'O a Girl (Lyric by Neil Ericksen)

Find Me a River (The River Song, alternate lyric: The Dean is on Our Side) -- 360999397 YOUTUBE

Finest Creature (illustration)

Floating Away (Theme Song from FLOAT/The Ocean Floaters) YOUTUBE

Flower Gardens (Lyric by Jean Free)

Flowers (Lyric by Jim Vogel)

For Unto Us a Son Is Born (from Kingdom Come) YOUTUBE
Forests of Neurosis ("Inner World/No Flies on Me") w/Steve Espinola -- 360940556 YOUTUBE YOUTUBE Live

Free Psychiatry  YOUTUBE

Gated House and Garden YOUTUBE

Get a Man a Job (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes)

Get Together

Gift in the Morning YOUTUBE

Give A Life -- 370940439 YOUTUBE

Glowing Home (The Ocean Floaters) YOUTUBE (Ben Folstein)

Go and Chase (Lyric by Neil Ericksen)

Going Away (The Goodbye Years)

Golden Age -- 370930397

Good-Bye Charlie (Lyric by Owen Kalt) a/k/a Farewell Georgie -- 361149393

Good Way to Be/Shame -- 311227937

Gotta Love It (Lyric by Jim Vogel) YOUTUBE

Gunshy (Lyric by Jim Vogel)

Halfway to Nowhere (Lyric by Jon Resnik)

Hang My Head -- 381070699

Happ'ly Wait -- 381070671 YOUTUBE from album


Hell Hole

Herc's Lullaby ("Concentrate") (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)

Hey Big Boy (Lyric by Neil Ericksen)

Hold On (Dearie Dearie) -- 381070715 YOUTUBE at Society for Ethical Culture 

Holding You (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

Home in Time YOUTUBE

Honeymoon Nights (Lyric by Lauren Wolpert)

I Can See You Now (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes)

I Don't Know.  I Don't See Anymore.

I Drive By Night

I Hope the Day is Soon

I Love the Law (alternate lyric: I Love My Girl) -- 391618132 YOUTUBE

I Won't Ask (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

If You Want Me

I'm Tired

Indians!  (Lyric by Richard Vetere)

It's Not Easy

It's Not the Same Without You (Lyric by Tony Evangelista) BANDCAMP

Jealous for Their Joy

Keep Trying -- 410421717 YOUTUBE

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Academy (Lyric by Owen Kalt) -- 421500914

Lazy Eyes (The Prisoner of Zelda) -- 421312574

Legs Like These (Lyric by Neil Ericksen)

Let It Go -- 421356358

Let Me Be (With You)

Let's Go  

Let Your Life Begin -- 421394174

Listen to Your Body

Little Pete/Little Boy (lyric by Jim Vogel)

Live and Learn (for A. R. Gurney's Middle Ages)

Living in Freedom Again

Local Justice (Lyric by Eugene A. Leiman) -- 421499972

Lonely Heart (Lyric by Coleman) YOUTUBE (JasmineThomas)

Lost (Lyric by Tony Evangelista)

Love Fantasie (Lyric by Denise Cogan) YOUTUBE

Love Song (Love You Much) -- 421356376

Love Them Both -- 421499990

Love Us Together  

Lucy's Swing ("Forget About First Impressions") (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)

Lyin' Down (Lyric by Jim Vogel)

Marching (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes)

Marshall Arts Madness (Lyric by Owen Kalt) -- 431681899

Mean Time

Meet Your Makers

Mia Amante (Lyric by Josh Melville)

Model ("Sacred Piecemeal") YOUTUBE

Mole King Intro/Common Folk of Beotia YOUTUBE
Mountain Casino ("The Overlord of the Ordered World") YOUTUBE

Movin' in the Groove with My Baby (Lyric by Horace Linsley)

My Deepest Innermost Feelings (Lyric by Denise Cogan)

My Only Friend Worth Having (Lyric by Owen Kalt) -- 431681871

My Partner

Need to Know

Never Forget the Dead (Lyric by Richard Vetere) YOUTUBE

Never Too Sure -- 440912658

New York Sunday (Lyric by Tony Evangelista) BANDCAMP

No Acceptance

No Fault (Lyric by Earl Wilson Jr.)

No Future  

No Problem There

No Sa Mai/The Way International YOUTUBE

Nosferatu, The Undead ("Sitting Looking Forlornly") -- 440794198 YOUTUBE (Dotson Sisters)

Now, Kill Me Now

Now That You Run from Me 

Old Again Young Again

On My Mind  

One in Two YOUTUBE

Only for a While (from 2.2.2, Hermaphroditism Through the Ages) YOUTUBE


Our Own Home Town 

Out At Bay -- 450726279

Out for the Night (Lyric written with Denise Cogan) 

Out of Control Again (lyric written with Adam Vane)
Out of My Mind ("Can't Get You...") (from The Last Dodo) ASCAP Title Code 461066239 YOUTUBE

Out On Our Own

Outside the Wake World

Paris Must be Lovely 

Passion Fruit Preserves

Peaceful Revelry -- 461066257 YOUTUBE

Penny's Movement (I'm In Pain) (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)


Pigeonhead ("The pigeons refuse to fly." 

Playwright Song (Poem by Bertolt Brecht.  Musical setting written with Lydia Ooghe)  YOUTUBE

Poverty Row (from Kingdom Come) 

Pretty Girl (Lyric by Mary Robinson)

Prisoners of War ("Don't Leave Me Behind") -- 341096513

Private Land (from The Last Dodo) -- 461098517

Private (from Float) 


Pushing (Aren't we all?)

Put Our Love Behind ("Don't you think that I...")

Queen of the Hearts Club (Lyric by Richard Vetere) YOUTUBE

Quiet Moment

Reflection of the Sky

Resume -- 480958696

Riveted -- 480830813 YOUTUBE

Rock to Sand  

Robbing Peter for Paul (Lyric by Barbara Weltsek)

Sadder Yesterday

Saint Paul Lady (Lyric by Tony Evangelista)

Scattered Figures

Set’s Song ("Calling to You") (Music written with Dan Emery)

Shell's Variations ("My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me") (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)

Sidewalk Waltz ("On the Lower East Side")

Since You're Gone
So Put Me Away
So Unplanned

Soaking In It

Someone Like You

Someone's Coming (from The Peace Mission) YOUTUBE

Somewhere Under the Radar (from Associative Behaviour) YOUTUBE
Song for the Penultimate Day of the Year (Music from Steinway Street Song 2) -- 492675193

Song of the Mole King (from 2.2.2, Hermaphroditism Through the Ages)  YOUTUBE

Spacin' Out (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)


Square One ("Set the Prisoners Free")

Staring at the Sun (Lyrics with Yoshiko Tinki) YOUTUBE

Stay With Me -- 492598259

Steinway Street

Stories (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes) YOUTUBE

Storm Cloud

Straight for Your Heart (from The Sea Heiress)-- 492365134 YOUTUBE (WAH), YOUTUBE (SideWalk)

Strange Way (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie) YOUTUBE (with Woody Regan piano)

Strong for the Man

Suffer Song (Lyric by Mary Robinson)/The Wave Zone


Sure It Was Right

Sword in the Stone YOUTUBE
Suzanne's Plie (Down's & Ups) (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)
Take Me, Love -- 502061834

Take My Heart, the Part of Me that's Real (Lyric by Barbara Weltsek)

Tears (Until I find a way to hide my tears)

Tess's Lament (Poem by Thomas Hardy)

Thank You Disney ("For Whom the Dragons") a/k/a "The Gander Flies Tonight" -- 503078477

That's the Way (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes)

That's What It's All About (Christmas Song)

The Ballad of Youthing (lyric by Toni Carroll)

The Barbara Broadcast

The Best (Lyric by Owen Kalt) -- 502334656

The Cage is Chilly

The Convergence of the Twain (Poem by Thomas Hardy)

The Dance of Being (in the Unknown) (Lyric by Elizabeth West Versalie)

The Final Curtain (Introduces "Final Curtain" by Myron D. Cohen)

The Four Comments

The Four Preludes (Poems by T.S.Eliot
The Gentleman Farmer

The Great Enchanted Forest a/k/a The North of Indiana (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

The Inopportune Fall -- 502000953

The Invitation

The Least That We Can Do (Lyric by Owen Kalt) -- 502334638

The Line (Now I Draw) -- 502061870

The Loved One

The Magic of Your Dreams (Lyric by Tony Evangelista)

The Man Walks On (and On)

The Moth Signal (Poem by Thomas Hardy)

The Night Before the Big Ball  YOUTUBE

The One That You Need

The Perfect Love Song (Lyric by Tony Evangelista) YOUTUBE (toxic nostalgia performance)

The Playwright Song (Poem by Bertolt Brecht, music with Lydia Ooghe) 506220753 YOUTUBE

The Poet and the Painter

The Song of Laughter and Forgetting (from Pro-Choice on Mental Health) YOUTUBE

The Sweet Hussy (Poem Thomas Hardy)

The Way International YOUTUBE

The Wayside

The Will

Think Big (lyric written with Lisa Dery) YOUTUBE The song with a vocal by Lisa Dery ends the scene

Thought! (Where the Heart Is)

Three Working Formulas (Louie Fleck version: One Working Formula) -- 450822790

Through the Mirror YOUTUBE

They Don't Make Them Like They Used To 

Tiffany Symbol Search
Tomorrow Isn't What It Used to Be (Lyric by Owen Kalt) -- 502334610


Tropical Depression -- 502364212

Try It (alternate lyric: Cleopatra's Needle)

Twentieth Century Traveler -- YOUTUBE

Two Cranes (Poem by Bertolt Brecht)  -- 506220735  YOUTUBE

Two Lovers on Tomorrow’s Road -- 501374810 YOUTUBE

Under Lock and Key (Lyric by Lauren Wolpert) YOUTUBE - Jasmine Thomas

Until We Meet in Space YOUTUBE

Vision Quest Songs (Peaceful Day, That Much Better, Give This Chant a Chance)-- YOUTUBE

Valentines (Something tells me... Love you for all time)

Venus and Melonion (Lyric by Neil Ericksen)

Wake Up in the Same Dream (Lyric by Susan Davidowitz)

Wakes and Weddings

Wall Flowers YOUTUBE

Watching Sweet Dreams Fall (Lyric by Anthony Evangelista) YOUTUBE

We Are Three -- Furies Song (Lyric by Ed Malin)

We Must Talk (verse written with Kim Arnoldi)

We Will Understand

Weak of Kindness
Welcome Home YOUTUBE

Welcome to the Games (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes) YOUTUBE

With You and Alone

What Froth Lament (Lyric written with/from a poem by Jeffrey Marino)

When I'm a Movie Star (Lyric by Richard Simsen)

When You're Near My Arm, The Rapid Seduction Song (from Kingdom Come, also introduces "The Car Lover," by Bruce Jay Friedman) YOUTUBE
Where Do We Go For Love ("Don't Go to Strangers")? YOUTUBE

While You Were Out (from 2.2.2 Hermaphroditism Through the Ages) YOUTUBE

White Moon -- 531249793

Why Fight It? -- a Mambo! for the novel  -- BANDCAMP

Why This Place/Hold the Night (Lyrics by Maureen Fitzgerald)

Wish a Word -- 531249775 YOUTUBE

Wish He Was With You (Stoke the Coals)

With You and Alone -- 531249757

Without Within (Lyric by Julian Grant)

Without a Word

Wonderful Girl -- 531029011

Work & Play -- 531405677

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

You Are You (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes)

You Hurt Me -- 550534091 YOUTUBE

You Never Went (Lyric by Marnie Goltsman)

You'll Love Me When I'm Gone (Lyric by Beth Bowden) -- 550641233
You'll Never Know What Good You've Done Me Just by Being You (Lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes) YOUTUBE

Your Doctor is In (introduces "A Farewell to Tanya" by Bruce Jay Friedman) -- 550622496 YOUTUBE and YOUTUBE

Your Pain or Mine or the World's  (Lyric by Susan Davidowitz)


spoken (Each of the Projects contain text)

Aura Monologue YOUTUBE

B Monologue

HiT Monologue

L&F Monologue 

LMB Monologue

Make Your Own

Making Love

NPT Monologue

P&P Monologue


Welcome to Alexandria 
WF Monologue

You Are What You Eat YOUTUBE


Legs Like These Oratorio, words by Neil Ericksen


Convertible Soundtrack (lyrics by Elizabeth West Versalie, prod. David Wechsler)


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