Song Title:  "Epic" Love Song

Credit:  Peter Dizozza

Year of Origin:  1969

I found this typed piece of paper in the cellar.  Although I never would have remembered its existence, reading it now, I remember it well...

Epic Love Song

Boom ta Boom ta Boom ta Boom ta Boom ta Boom ta Boom ta Boom I was an Eighteen year old midget and I met a Twelve year old five foot girl. She reminded me of my former wife Who I'd lost to a friend named Earl. Well I said, "Hey watchadoing to me I got Twelve kids and a wife.  Any more of this in front of this crowd may cost you and me our lives."  So we went to her home with a sister and a dog who was not very nice to see. With me sitting in a chair and his bouncing around I said "Watcha doing to me?"  With the dog tied up and the sister tied down we Proceeded to explore each other's minds. To have accomplished that with the gathering crowd Shows that love's what really shines. But I said goodbye when the mother said hello And I left without saying a word. And I snuck around the back and I tripped and I fell And the dog mistook me for a bird. Interlude: Oh will I go on? I guess I will. With a serious case of rabies I met this kindly nurse. My love for her grew as the rabies went on and my sick- ness did disperse. Oh but what about what'sher name: Well she called thirty times when I was ill and Things began to look bad. So I went to her house to try to straighten things out And fell in love with her dad. WABC Ding

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