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A New Surrealist Musical Comedy by Peter Dizozza  

 The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center’s WAH Theatre for the Performing Arts, is proud to present the premiere staging of "The Golf Wars" Peter Dizozza’s 2002 contribution to La MaMa E.T.C.’s Experiments Reading Series.  Directed by Tom Nondorf, this limited run production brings together the singing and acting talents of Josh Mertz & Freeman Borden as The Dueling Pianists, Jeffrey LaMar as Jack Aashimoto, Nora Naomi Simpson as Thankful Widgeons, Robert Kiernan as Inspector,  Tom Warnick as Harold Aashimoto, and Lennie Varvarides as Princess Becca, for FOUR PERFORMANCES ONLY, Friday and Saturday, September 20, 21, 27 & 28.

The Golf Wars tells the progressively wild story of the dueling pianists, performers at a familiar East Village music venue, who test the durability of their act by taking it to Oahu Hawaii!  There, amidst their self-promoting, they develop involvement with pivotal figures in a conflict between US military, which occupies 50% of the island, and a foreign owned golf resort. 

Peter Dizozza’s musical theatre work has been acclaimed in London Time Out for its “Sondheim meets Burroughs vicissitudes.”  Barry L. Cohen, critic for The New Music Connouisseur called him "a fellow with musical ideas in his soul."  His CD, “Pro-Choice on Mental Health,” continues to receive airplay and critical attention.  The comment of Luke Martin in his Splendid Magazine review -- “The album engages a topic that's of increasing importance, but seems to do so without any tedious voice-of-God-style proclamation. And it's good, dorky fun that's not afraid to be serious. That, I like.”-- will also apply to “The Golf Wars.” 

This production is mounted as part of The WAH Center’s UNITY CANVAS WORLD PEACE multi-media art exhibit, which runs concurrent with the performances. 

Prior Dizozza works produced at The WAH Center include a ghost story, “The Eleventh Hour,” “The Last Dodo” and the surrealist musical mystery play,“Prepare to Meet Your Maker.”  He next appears at the piano, as a performer at 7:30 and as host for a late night open mike at 11, at a familiar East Village venue, SideWalk Café (94 AveA), on Sunday, September 29th.  He and director Tom Nondorf will next collaborate on a revival of the British 50’s musical “Salad Days,” opening in November.

Advance copies of Music CDs containing high fidelity recordings of the catchy "Songs of The Golf Wars," produced by Major Matt Mason USA for Olive Juice Records, will be available at all performances.  . 

THE GOLF WARS opens on Friday, September 20th, bringing together the above listed wonderful cast, for FOUR PERFORMANCES ONLY, at the WAH Center, 135 Broadway (at Bedford Avenue.) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Performances are Friday and Saturday, September 20th, 21st, 27th & 28th,  at 8 p.m..  Suggested contribution $6.00.  Seats may be reserved by calling (718) 486-7372. Website:

Josh Mertz, Freeman Borden, Robert Kiernan, Tom Warnick, Nora Naomi SImpson, Tom Nondorf and Lennie Varvarides

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