Pro-Choice on Mental Health

1995.  Flirting with mental illness from a safe distance, East Village entertainer, Priam (Peter Dizozza), accepts an offer for  free psychiatry at Bellevue.  

His assigned psychiatrist (played by Joe Bendik), cognizant of the immanent expiration of Priam's health insurance coverage, offers him a retreat at The Four Winds Clinic, in Somers, New York ("You're just there to observe."). 

There he meets a beautiful woman, Lilith, recently divorced, who promptly engages him to be married.  

He enjoys the social ride and modulates its intensity by taking refuge in solitude or simply elsewhere. He meets people from all walks of life, particularly a street walking con artist who horrifies him by fulfilling upon his requests.  

He yearns for a simple place where he can explore his  ghastly imagination in safety, ie, upon THE MEADOW. 

Both Priam and Lilith break free of their confinement. 


Please note that the top psychiatrists at Four Winds and elsewhere are so empowering, attentive and supportive that they find prescribing medication for their patients rarely necessary.  

They are willing to put in the time and effort to be 

pro-choice on mental health