Barnes and Barnes means one thing to Dr. Demento fans, a song called "Fishheads."  They are Art and Artie Barnes, two brothers in arms whose other identifying monikers include Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer, and they continue to record to this day.  .   

When Mark Wood called about them being honorees of his next Woods Records CD tribute, my Lost in Space memories flooded in.  The list of TV contacts I unilaterally made in the solitary connection of between me and a cathode ray tube, well...they are Haley Mills and Billy Mumy.  

Lost In Space was only vaguely annoying in its "Til Eulenspiegel" futility to end the series with a return to earth.  The characters included the welcoming of two outsiders, a Robot and a Russian spy, Mr. Smith.  In the '60s, to me The Space Family Robinson was a great family drama, and it didn't take long for the creators to figure out that Mr. Mumy was its star.  

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