Cinema VII Magazine

Discussion following the premier of The Eleventh Hour, a concert reading on 3/13/99

By Peter Dizozza
As cinema of the 7 seas, 7 arts & 7 deadly sins, Cinema VII is the alternate entertainment group that produces and distributes the films, videos, books, soundtracks and scores of groundbreaking musical theatre works such as PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER, SHIPPING THE SATELLITE, THE PEACE MISSION, WITCHFINDERS, STORM CLOUD and COPPELIA.  It is Worldwide Administrator for the Creative Catalogue of PETER DIZOZZA.  It administers the Dizozza song catalogue; click here for an 1997 link to a sample lyric.

Cinema VII was founded in 1972 by Mike Lindsay; originally its principal properties were his films and the films of Vincent Rokus, Asolif Siuol and me. I revived it in January, 1996 as an entertainment group with branches in literature, music and theatre, intending that each of these properties be visually adapted for the screen.

As action sequences and special effects grind the narrative film to a screeching halt, Cinema VII treasures the formation and development of stimulating and challenging creative work.

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