Sam Moree


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Artist Statement: Sam Moree

I look at holography as a dance of balance - a Rosetta Stone - between Art and Science. The Primitive and the Sophisticated. The Past and the Future. A balancing beam of Light and Dark.

Working with diverse material - metal, stone, neon, plastic, paint and glass, the sculpture echoes in a holographic window. With my work I use stark, almost symbolic sculpture as a diving board to tumble into a holographic graffiti landscape.

At times the hologram is an arm of an image in search of its sculptural body, or the sculpture is a directing arrow to illusionary imagery. Other times they come together dancing on that balancing beam.

The image time-travels across the laser table. A black and white interfewrence pattern is captured in a scientific chiaroscuro on the plate. This encoded `stone' translates reality into a dream illusion.

My imagery works in and out of focus, becoming a peripheral, optical soup.

To capture the image, one must dance a near-tribal two-step which can be read as a mathematical equation forming different answers each time it is observed.

Holography is my dance partner - with balance.