Blood of a Poet is Cocteau's first film, the one with the mouth wiped off the painting onto the hand.  .  

Terry Southern's Strangelove idiocy, 

preservation of precious bodily fluids, 

like most idiodysseys, is only superficially dismissible.  

It also represents a concept with which men can create a concern!  

Neil Ericksen wrote, in Legs Like These

"This star has kept her strength and speed, 

while I have spent my sacred seed.  

I find now I have little left.  

Desire much but deed bereft..."

Retain, recirculate, or, for the real dopamines,  release and reinject it.... 

In Antifolkonline's May '03 "RS" interview, Jeff Lewis, referred-back-into-existence this 

"songs with monologues" 


introduced at a Su Polo Poetry Night at Revival. 

Songs include the above Neil Ericksen lyric, "Venus & Melonion," and "Crowded Avenue."

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