Such a perfectionist that his lapses into sloppiness look like visual miracles.  In the last scene of Strangelove, they have no idea what to do after the bomb hits Russia.  Everything rests on Peter Sellars who accepted the responsibility with a scene out of Heidi (in the Heidi story, it's Clara who realizes she can walk.).  

It is difficult to avoid the charge from found nuclear bomb footage set to a song from World War Two.  

The World War comparison was already established with "Johnny Comes Marching Home."  However, the recording of "We'll Meet Again" is itself transcendently beautiful.  Kubrick's combination of music and visuals always unbalanced his films on the side of greatness.  The works of Gyorgi Ligeti and Walter/Wendy Carlos figure most prominently. 

Clockwork Orange may have affected/offended society so radically that we don't even think of feeling concern for poor Malcolm MacDowell, the actor.  Do you see those eye clamps???


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