Paul Emerson Leicht

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Lyricist, Game-ster, Guitarist, Arranger, sometime drawer, webdesigner etc.

At the Raven (9-11-02)

my old fender accoustic stuck up with antifolk and antiwar stickers.
Photo By Hogan Long 9-11-02

A drawing:

done at Artland (march, 2002) while listening to various members of the moldy peaches perform.:

A short bio:
Born (in 1965) and raised in the Bronx, Paul has lived in various places in and out of NYC and has been inclined toward the arts from his youth. This is natural since both his parents are artists and teachers. He now resides on the lower east side of Manhattan and writes songs while listening to Antifolk greats. He has performed a few times locally at the Sidewalk Cafe and may do so again.

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