Three person chamber ensemble.  It remains challenging to describe their musical achievement although it is undeniably powerful.  Either rages or sighs, alternately loud and soft...  The three were responsible for blending many notes to create a full and sonorous sound.  "Lithium" is easily referred to as a breakthrough for going rapidly through a long chord progression cycle.  Note that the voice is entirely independent yet completely supported by the essential, although in no way redundant accompaniment.  

Breakthrough artists have been difficult to keep alive.  I suppose we can be grateful for Bowie and Jaggar's business side since it gives them something to do rather than put a rifle in their mouth and blow out their brains, that is, if someone's not shooting them for being accessible to the populace.   

As for Gershwin passing at the peak of his powers, was it a brain tumor?  
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A Return to the Galaxy:

Schwervon (Major Matt Mason USA & Nan Turner) prepare to play "Polly" at the Nirvana 35th Birthday at Knitting Factory event.   
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