Two sides of Linus Gelber, portraying Patroff, the Chernobyl Technician obsessed with the dodo, and Raymond, senior member of The Explorers Club during the early 20th century, in the Cinema VII project, The Last Dodo. He also provided narration for the concert readings of Prepare to Meet Your Maker and played Clyde, father of The Wise Sophia in the Grace/Fogarty Production and Soundtrack of July, 2001.  

Linus is the CEO of Home Office Records which produces The Dan Emery Mystery Band, Raw Kinder, Pawnshop and The Cucumbers and provides New York City with an indispensable weekly Gigometer.  He is a correspondent for   Recently he re-entered the spoken word arena oft-populated by Jon Berger and John S. Hall, and will appealingly appear in drag should the proceedings require.  


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