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    Off the Charts DIY

    Posted by Peter D on 8/6/2004, 3:21 pm

    My first encounter with Do-It-Yourself recording was an album by Don Agrati, one of the "My Three Sons." I hated that TV show. (Fred MacMurray, who played the sons' father, is an amazing actor. I'll bet it's a charmer today.)

    DJs on WNEWFM played some tracks off this Don Agrati album. They are beautiful. The album was called Homegrown, I think, filled with wonderful songs, evocatively recorded at HOME!

    (The way Bacharach's Lost Horizon, with reordered tracks, provides the soundtrack for The Eleventh Hour ghost story, Mr. Agrati's album, provides the soundtrack for a story about the Patty Hearst Kidnapping, let's call it "A Sunday Afternoon with Heather Ann")

    Well, Steve Espinola digitally reissued his early albums (1982-93), many of their tracks recorded with Dwight Peterson, and their being homegrown is no longer the issue.

    The vocals, the piano, the songs, and the recording artistry are superlative. Angelfish, Stuck, and Shards of Love are essential albums, jaw-droppingly inspiring, and simply, OFF THE CHARTS GREAT. Thank you, digital age, and as they used to always say on British Airways, Enjoy.



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