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STILLS (second performance)!

NEW!  Stills from Fourth Performance, December 30th, 2001

La MaMa E.T.C. presents
"Experiments '99"
A Series of Readings at
La MaMa La Galleria
Series Curator: George Ferencz
6 East First Street, New York N.Y. 10003

Saturday, March 13th, 7:30 P.M. is
The Eleventh Hour
the concert reading of a super-non-naturalistic play by Peter Dizozza with Nina Hellman, Shannon Foley, Rick Gray, Cheryl La Rosa* and Jeffrey Lewis
* Suggested donation: $5.00
* All members of the audience must present an audience voucher to the House Manager to gain admittance. No one will be admitted without a voucher.
* All admission vouchers must be be picked up at the La MaMa box office at 74A East 4th Street After 5:00 P.M. on the day of the event.
* A reception for audience and cast will follow.
The Eleventh Hour explores an adolescent reluctance toward -- and the ultimate embracing of -- LIFE!
Join 13 year old Mark Bagby (Cheryl) and his mom, Sharon Heisel (Nina), as they spend a summer at Sharon's ex-husband's estate in Sea Cliff, Long Island.
Joining them are Sharon's college friend, Pamela Dennis (Shannon), and Eric Schramm (Jeffrey), a ghost, also aged 13 years at the time of his demise.
Peter Dizozza is a writer/composer whose other readings at La Mama include Coppelia, The Peace Mission, Witchfinders and the resurrection musical, Prepare to Meet Your Maker.
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