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Upcoming performances and events in our WAH Theater: November 20, 2004 @ 8 P.M. Starboy! Music by Lee Feldman, Animation by Joe Campbell. Come enjoy an evening of music and the saga of Starboy! The tripped out animated musical about an abstract superhero destined to save the sponges of Puerto Rico. With piano performances by Peter Dizozza, Steve Espinola and Lee Feldman. Also screening: Prepare to Meet Your Maker and Forest of Neurosis Plus a live installation by Sanae Maeda & Noriko Wako:

The Theatre Maintains a unique collection of pianos! 

More Piano Singer Songwriter Nights to come, next to feature rocking sets by Kenny Davidsen and The Drew Blood!

Sunday, December 12, 2004 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. A Reading of New Poetry & Prose Featuring Robin Dann, Corie Feiner, Clara Sala Hosted by Maya Mary Hebert

TBA in 2005: Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord with Andrew Bolotowsky on Baroque Flute and Rebecca Pechefsky on Harpsichord Arthur Kirmss performing on the Renaissance flute

Plus poetry, music, lectures, presentations and more!

including, currently in development, "The TentagatneT," a new surrealist theatre symphony by Peter Dizozza --

Special Spring 2005 Professor Karen Karbiener, Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, lectures on " ...Milton's Satan and his impact on countercultural artistic movements the radical artistic legacy." She is the general editor of a two volume series, the "Encyclopedia of American Counterculture," General editor of two volume survey of rebellious and reactionary American art forms, 1607-2004. This will be mini-convention on the art of revolution revolving around Milton's Paradise Lost with brief lectures a symposium.

About the theater: The WAH Theatre is a unique theater company. Housed on the third floor of the magnificent landmark French Empire building which houses the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, it can accommodate 110 seats in its 2400 square foot space

Past productions have included among others:
In House Productions:
Antifolk musicals: Prepare To Meet Your Maker (The Musical Mystery Play), The Last Dodo, Coppelia, The Golf Wars, The Eleventh Hour (A Ghost Story), The Marriage at the Statue of Liberty (A ballet with dialogue) and The Sea Heiress (A Chamber Oratorio). All by Peter Dizozza appeared at the WAH!
Performances of these musicals are spectacular events, featuring such Antifolkstars as John Kessel, Drew Blood, Kenny Davidsen, Laurel Hoffman, Jeff Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Cockroach, Toby Goodshank, Steve Espinola, and Tony Hightower. also featuring Emiaj Dance Movement & The OXO Chamber Group. Directors of these productions include John Seroff, Tom Nondorf and Tyr Throne. 

From Outside: 1) Waiting for Godot by Samuel Becket produced by the Julliard School 2) Witches Macbeth by Cannon Theater Company 3) Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen directed by Patricia Skarbinski 4) Three short comedies by Betty Smith by Spartan Theater Company 5) Noh Opera MacBeth from Japan 6) And many more!

Other theater productions: 1) Music 1) Williamsburg Chamber Orchestra, a 32 piece directed by Michael Arenella 2) Japanese traditional music Koto and samisen instruments 3) Balinese percussion music by Gamelon Son of lion 4) Keiji Heino, avant garde sound performance 5) Experimental music series directed by Matt Bua 6) Antibalas, Latin Afro beat 7) Air Guitar by Steve Noll 8) Jazz series 9) Classic and world music 10) Annual Musical Meltdown with over 24 bands in one night 2) An ANNUAL WILLIAMSBURG DANCE FESTIVAL and many other dance performances throughout the year 3) Film Night at the WAH The WAH Center was the first to have a film festival in Williamsburg; the first two directors were Ari Taub and Marco Ursino. Marco now produces the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival at the Brooklyn Museum.

In conjunction with its Surrealist Art Exhibitions, The WAH Center began Williamsburg's International Surrealist Film Festival which is entering its third year as the foremost surrealist film festival in the world! 

4) The Williamsburg Symposium, a discussion if current topics including "Hs art been redefined at the beginning of the new century" or "The future of Man."

5)Lectures and presentations such as "Voices of the Epic", A Reading of Contest in Bethlehem Followed by a Discussion of Epic Poetry presented byANDREW J. PARKS, M.Phil. in English Literature from Drew University

6) COLORFUL FASHION SHOW! OUTRAGEOUSLY CUTTING EDGE! Williamsburg has a different approach to fashion shows being both performance & entertainment as well as fashion with many outrageous & funky concepts and a unique exploratory vision often using unusual materials such as Annie Murdock's dress made out of rubber gloves. Last year in 2003 its fashion show during the surrealist extravaganza produced by Disney Nasa Borg was so successful the crowds could not make it up the stairs to see it. It was covered by MTV and several fashion houses.

7) INTERNATIONAL POETRY SERIES with such poets as: Lili Bita : Lili Bita, Greek author and actress, has published ten books of poetry, a novel, and two collections of short fiction. Her work has been translated into five languages, and has been widely anthologized here and abroad. As an actress, Lili has performed her acclaimed one-woman shows on three continents. Lili will read from her latest work and perform classical monologues from her The Greek Woman Through the Ages. fashion show behind the scenes

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