It is a Short Novel for the New Year (1996) inspired by Thomas Mann's story, "Blood of the Wahlsungs" and the film "Curse of the Demon" a/k/a "Night of the Demon," directed by "Cat People"/"I Walked with a Zombie" director Jacques Tourneur.  Listen to Jane's Theme Song, "Outside the Wake World", sung by Laura Fois: You could probably right click and save the mp3.

The story of Mark of the Librarian concerns Jane Marris, a tattooed librarian who becomes enamored of an attractive renegade student of physical therapy, Janus Magnus, to whom she lends rare books describing powerful tantric massages. A child of the military guided by suppressed memory, Jane allows Janus to experiment on her, accompanying him to ritualistic parties hosted by his off-campus frat house, the "Phi Cycle Therapists." 

Based upon inaccurate self awareness, Jane mingles with Janus in a misguided attempt to join her better half and achieve synergy. 

Peter Dizozzaís third novel takes the form of observations of the twenty-five-year-old heroine (Jane) by one of her admirers, a perennial student of philosophy.  This unnamed bookworm inhabits the building of the old library during the final days before its closing, as a new world cyber-library takes shape across campus.  He observes Jane's struggle to maintain her librarian position while seeking her missing half.  

This is Sieglindeís version of the love story set forth in Thomas Mannís Blood of the Wahlsungs; it is also a meditation upon arcane literature, a romance and a surrealist comedy.  

Peter Dizozza was born in 1958 in Forest Hills, New York.  He graduated from Queens College in 1981, St. Johnís School of Law in 1986 and spent a summer in England, in a program sponsored by the College of William and Mary School of Law, at Exeter University in Devon.  From 1981-1991 he was a staff member of the New York City Comptrollerís Office, where he assisted in the issuing of municipal bonds and the settling of law suits in which the City was a defendant.   

His literary output consists of three novels, short stories, essays, poems and arts reviews.  Since 1987 he has lived in NYCís East Village practicing law and playing piano as a singer/songwriter.

In January, 1996 he returned to the stage as a singer/songwriter and in October of 1996, began producing original musical plays. 

Mark of the Librarian Theme Song:  "Outside the Wake Word (Looking Inside Each Eye)"

Story editor:  Doris DelCastillo

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