Pre Credit frame from Angels: Tour of the Vultures

Angels: Tour of the Vultures (Peter Dizozza, 1976) is an expressionist documentary consolidating 16mm footage shot in 1976 with the footage found in the large film canister pictured at the beginning of the film. Except for the shot of the vultures descending, from "Diane in Africa."  All footage was either shot by Dizozza and collaborators Jeff Marino, Louis Filosa, Mark Logan and Eddie Dimaio, or was obtained from that canister.   The canister came into Jeff's possession upon the death of his grandfather -- his father's father.  Three generations of his family appear in the film as he and his friends stand at the crossroads to college and the future.  

"A bourgeois product of potsmoking teenagers, Angels: Tour of the Vultures follows the footsteps of our forefathers into days of futures past, highlighting beautiful scenery, attractive individuals and medical footage some find educational"  Mary Farble, Expansion Press

11 June 2011 ... I found page two of a 1977 description of the movie's scene segments.


7.  Part 3.  Three Forms of Fulfillment, a) fulfillment through depression, b) fulfillment through friendship, c) fulfillment through good fortune (Peter Dizozza, Monica Dizozza, Sean Sullivan).

8.  Part 4.   Quest for Success.  a) A newly cultivated lad (Mark Logan), created as an individual in both mind and body, endeavors to find his way to the lands of fulfillment and success.  This is interrupted with -- we'll be back with more, but first -- A political demonstration by a worker (P.Dizozza) reminding us of the collective extreme and (its) Coney Island existence.  With separating glances, there are considerations from the medical profession as well (second extreme), where discussion leads to action and the first operation takes place.  

9. Part 5 (with Part 4, continued) a) Two forms of competition.  The individual has no friends only the desire 1. to win and 2. for the prizes to be received.  (1.  M. Logan, Sean Hannifan.  2.  Martin Marino and unidentifiable young person.)  b)  Martin Marino, rewarded with wings, takes a tour of his future from a youthful, godlike distance (this includes the lawn party and the second operation).   


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Jeff and Mark discovering the movie canister

Mark Jeff and Peter, September, 2006

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