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The Three E-Mail Announcements for the March 28th Performance of STORM CLOUD by Peter Dizozza

I. March 20th, 1998

The First Reading of Storm Cloud
Greetings, Folks! In anticipation of April's Showers, La Mama E.T.C. and Cinema VII present a first reading of "Storm Cloud" at La Mama La Galleria, 6 East 1st Street, between Bowery and 2nd Avenue, on Saturday, March 28, 1998 at 8:00 P.M. Tickets, $5.00, include refreshments & may be purchased at the La Mama Box Office, 74A East 4th Street.

Meet Underground Filmmaker Kevin Vargas, the luckiest man in town, who gets everything he could possibly want, and more -- He's even getting a Pyramid Award for meritorious achievement in Cinema!  If there are any clouds at all to be seen on the horizon of all this good fortune, they are that he has to share the award with a collaborator who hates him, and that his deepest darkest secret is captured in one of his films.

The cast includes Rebecca Emery, Steve Espinola, Valentino Ferreira, Charles Herold, Erik Hill, Harold Goldberg, Dina Mandes and John McMillan with many special guest stars (including you if you're there).
II. March 27th, 1998

The Great Underground Films
For screenings of the great underground films of Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, Maya Deren and those founding fathers, Man Ray, Hans Richter and Dali & Bunuel! Go to Anthology or Millennium, But for a history of Vargas and Souiel, those avant garde originators of the Floating Stage Line, who had a brief brush with mainstream fame and fortune in the late '70's, go to:

La Mama La Galleria,
8:P.M. Saturday, March 28th

For the first reading of STORM CLOUD -- by Peter Dizozza

6 East 1st Street, between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery, New York City
212 505-2476
Tickets available at the La Mama E.T.C. box office
74a East 4th Street, New York City
III. April 1, 1998

Stellar Cast for La Galleria Reading
Erika Bell was Diane Heyday!
Rebecca Emery was Lynn Gurney!
Steve Espinola was Crystal (Joel Monroe)!
Charles Herold was Luis Souiel!
Erik Hill was John, Swinson, Peter Robbins & the Weatherman!
Dina Mandes was Marie Vine!
Tyr Throne was Thomas Sarro!
Markus Waschewsky was Philip Vine!
(I, Peter Dizozza, read for the filmmaker, Kevin Vargas, who was still in rehab at St.Dymphna's Hospital)

Thank you S. Raul Rothblatt for casting assistance.
Thanks Tyr for direction.
Thanks for coming.

Upcoming evening: See you at the Fort @ Sidewalk, 9:00 P.M., April 19th with Debbie MacDougal!

Next La Mama show, Convertible, Opening June 18th.
Letters to Quentin Tarantino:

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April 17, 1998

Quentin Tarantino
c/o Brooks Atkinson
256 W. 47th Street
New York, New York 10036


Dear Quentin,
How's the regularity of stage performance sitting with you? I hope you're well. My sister saw Wait Until Dark last week and did me the great favor of leaving a copy of my Storm Cloud script with your driver. This script contains many cinematic scenes including a kamakazi pilot flying a piper cub into a park side hotel suite (Underground filmmaker, Kevin Vargas, is in the suite attempting to have sex with his wife without actually going in and out with her.).

I've attached the original e-mails for the performance of March 28th at La Mama La Galleria.

I'm performing at the piano at the Fort at Sidewalk on Sunday from 9 to 10. The Fort is the home of Anti-folk on Avenue A and East 6th Street. You don't have a night performance on Sunday, do you? I invite you to come by after your show.

Very truly yours,

Peter Dizozza

Quentin Tarantino
c/o Brooks Atkinson
256 W. 47th Street
New York, New York 10036


Dear Quentin,
Hey, I'm promoting a film adaptation of underground filmmaker Kevin Vargas's brief brush with fame and subsequent infamy prior to his commitment for sexual addiction at St. Dymphna's Hospital. He and Luis Souiel originated The Floating Stage line in the early seventies and Storm Cloud is my dramatic adaptation of the years that followed, giving particular attention to the week when he and Souiel were reunited. What do you think? I want you to make the film of this.

Kevin Vargas is a skinny bisexual underground filmmaker married to former model, Lynn Gurney.

His collaborator, Luis Souiel, whose followers are Souielists, is a big, fat and graceful ballerina cameraman responsible for originating "The Floating Stage line."

Fame came late to Vargas and Souiel and when it did, it was not without problems. Their most popular film, Friends, was the one that, amidst the simulated violence of a boy and girl fantasizing about one another, documented a real murder.

Their story unfolds with the involvement of two visitors to the city, Philip and Marie, brother and sister who introduce themselves as husband and wife.

Who am I? I'm a writer, a composer and a personal injury attorney.

Give me a call with your thoughts and ideas. When we meet I'll be glad to show you around the East Village and introduce you to the talented songwriters of the Anti-Folk scene.

Hoping this finds you amicable.

Very truly yours,

Peter Dizozza


6/14/98 WEB NOTE:
Instead Quentin went
To the rest'rant Three of Cups*
And Got Himself Arrested
For assaulting Leila Mwangi.

*Three of Cups is a block away from The Sidewalk Bar-Restuaurant, The Antifolk haven.

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