Shipping the Satellite

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The Cryptic E-Mail Announcement of April 17,1997 (This play takes place during the feast of Id Al-Adha)

"Happy Id Al-Adha everybody -- parking rules suspended April 17-19.

Id Al-Adha is the feast of sacrifice which marks God's sparing of the life of Abraham's son with the slaughter of lambs and great merrymaking.

"'God said to Abraham, kill me a son,"
But the question I pose is, Hey, which one,
Isaac or Ishmael? Whom will it be?'

"I'm playing at 8 this Sunday at the Fort at Sidewalk and I offer, for your consideration, a departure from the necrophelia of 'Prepare to Meet Your Maker.'
It's a new play called
'Shipping the Satellite' and it features slice-of-life conversations between owners, inventors and lovers from billion dollar defense companies. Come hear a worthwhile observation about U.S. arms sales.

Cast: Adrian Bewley, Steve Espinola, Peter Dizozza and Paulette O'Dowd.


Regarding Id Al-Adha:
God stopped Abraham but no one stopped God
From killing his son on Highway Sixty-One!

Peter Dizozza