Recovered and restored, August 17, 2002

Live Recording

Lou Rogers Square One Presents

Peter Dizozza's

Shipping the Satellite

May 9, 1999

including two songs and incidental music


OSKAR, Businessman/President, Lockheed Martin:  Adrian Bewley

JASON, chief of research and development/inventor:  Jeffrey Lewis

PUFFENSTUFF, Oskar’s adopted daughter from Belize: Amy DiLucia

ACCOUNTANT, Harvey & M.C.  Faith Palmer-Persen

PAULETTE, satellite recipient:  Samona Shearson

LITTLE GEORGIE, a trucker with two wives:  Peter Dizozza



Track One -- Intro and SONG 1:   I DRIVE BY NIGHT Tuba City Truck Stop.  M.C. & Little Georgie 

* The Complete Song *

Track Two -- Scene One: “Ebullience cringed at the clampdown.”  Lockheed Martin airfield, New Mexico.  Oskar and Jason

Track Three -- Scene Two: The Attractive Distraction  "Out of the long sunset appears Puffenstuff, the attractive distraction, interrupting a moment of invention."  Same airfield.  Puffenstuff and Jason

Track Four -- Scene Three: Accountant Conference Oskar & Harvey 

Track Five -- Scene Four:  Gift Time, with Paulette and Oskar

Track Six -- Scene Five: Trucker's Circle, Tuba City Truck Stop.  Paulette meets Little Georgie, the Two-Wived Man

Track Seven -- Scene Six:  The Drive.  CB Talk “Nobody bombards me.  I’m slightly repellent.”  Space fantasy dance of the attractive and repellent with Paulette and Georgie

Track Eight -- Scene Seven:  Arrival/Launch, Cape Canaveral with Paulette, Georgie, Jason & Puffenstuff "Satellite attracts meteors, bombarded, destroyed.  Big Bang.  New planet formed.  New Moon named Puffenstuff.  It's beautiful.  It keeps getting bombarded.  

Track Nine -- Until We Meet Intro

Track Ten -- SONG TWO:  Until We Meet In Space, members of a mid-western commune look upon the new moon as a signal for them to act.  

The four incidental music pieces, heightening the drama, are

"The Ebullient Creator,"

"Gift Time,"

"Trucker's Circle," and


Golden Fleece Cast:
Adrian Bewley as Oskar
Peter Dizozza as the accountant, & Truckdriver Georgie
Samona Shearson as Paulette
Jeffrey Lewis as Jason, and
Amy DiLucia as Puffenstuff.
Michael Aronella contributed hot trombone riffs.

Recording Source Material:  A VHC video tape.  The still-locked image is of someone's knee.  

Here's the cryptic E-Mail Announcement of May 7,1999

"My short subject from 1997, Shipping the Satellite, in which Lockheed Martin, Inc. phases out its aeronautics division in favor of defense (remaindering last year's weapons by selling them at an Arabian arms convention with help on technical displays by the U.S. Army, Navy and Airforce -- THAT's planning ahead!), and writes off an untested satellite by donating it to a 501(c)3 organization, the CEO's girlfriend, who tows it from New Mexico, cross-country, to launch off the Florida Keys ....
will be performed in its 10 MINUTE ENTIRETY, plus its two songs, on Mother's Day, May 9th at 8:00 P.M., opening another of Lou Rodgers' Square One Evenings.

Sunday, May 9th, 8:00 P.M.
Theatre 22
54 West 22nd Street off 6th Avenue between 5th and 6th
10.00 Admission

Other presentations include one by Leonard Lehrman.

Happy Mothers Day to Elaine May and Mike Nichols!

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